Short Story Series (BD #1): Voices In The Ark

This is where photography and creative writing have found a common platform. What began as an experimental platform of combining the photographs of Bernd Drawe and my fiction has evolved into a series of interwoven stories that were published online on photography platforms. The positive response to the series encouraged us to take it to another level and after several months, a book was born. The complete set of INTERWOVEN is only found in the book! All of Bernd Drawe’s photographs can be found on Lichtblau Fotografie 

The Council of Elders was at a loss on how to proceed with the meeting after Lord Commander Grumpenheim Snow had thrown his royal tantrum in violent objection to the new motion sensor fencing regulation and microchips to be implanted in everyone. “This will be the end of us al”, he roared,“and you are naïve fools if you believe the humans have only our best intentions in mind!”Having been a prisoner of the circus for years, Grumpenheim Snow valued his newfound freedom fiercely and was willing to go through great lengths to protect his privacy. He detested the idea of constant monitoring per se, and compulsory behaviour conjured up old circus nightmares for him that he was still not over, even after years of therapy. As if the restricted movement was not insulting enough, the microchip would also activate a temper regulator that was supposed to curtail aggression, going against the very nature of the polar Lord Commander.  

Lord Commander Grumpenheim Snow ©Bernd Drawe

Known for his profound philosophical nature and being a brilliant calculated thinker, Admiral Schnabelpouch pondered over the proceedings with great misgiving and decided it was high time to throw his weight around as Legatus Navalis. The entire Royal Pelican Air Force was on stand-by awaiting his orders for a rotten fish bombing run over the nearby human camp, but Admiral Schnabelpouch hesitated. He had not counted on the electric fence nor the ghastly brick chambers the humans wanted to herd them off to. Zoos, they called them, and promised the sun and the moon in terms of comfort, but no matter how many times over the Admiral looked at the proposal, it was imprisonment and smelled of mass death. This had escalated to an emergency situation and necessitated something more potent than a fishy fly-by. 

Admiral Schnabelpouch ©Bernd Drawe

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