Short Story Series (BD #3): Voices In The Ark

This is where photography and creative writing have found a common platform. What began as an experimental platform of combining the photographs of Bernd Drawe and my fiction has evolved into a series of interwoven stories that were published online on photography platforms. The positive response to the series encouraged us to take it to another level and after several months, a book was born. The complete set of INTERWOVEN is only found in the book! All of Bernd Drawe’s photographs can be found on Lichtblau Fotografie

Lady Boulette ©Bernd Drawe

Lady Boulette could no longer hold her tongue and rose from her pond to express her intention. Admiral Schnabelpouch acknowledged her request and gave the great dame the floor. “We are pressed for time and cannot afford to sit around discussing pros and cons while the humans move in closer. You saw what happened to our giraffe colony last week, and the pandas are next. It is our duty to protect our animal rights with all our resources. Our rescue efforts for our brothers in captivity around the world and those subjected to the abomination of genetic engineering and lab testing will continue, but for now we need to concentrate on bigger things. Our food supplies are depleted in many areas, no thanks to something called construction boom and some ridiculous concept deemed as climate change, but more importantly, we cannot allow the… “she stopped in mid-sentence curtsied in reverence. The rest of the Council turned their heads and immediately rose from their seats. 

Empress Federosa ©Bernd Drawe

The Empress Federosa strutted in gracefully, making sure to establish eye contact with every member of the Council of Elders present. They were on the warpath, and it was all her fault. The recently concluded world tour around the various zoos had convinced her that they were the next best thing for the animals. They would be safe, could reproduce prolifically, would not have to worry about food forages anymore, but she neglected to look into the implications of individual freedoms and space requirements of each specie. The agony of being constantly on display and subjected to behavior the Animal Kingdom considered an insult to their intelligence gnawed at her conscience and she hoped her presence here today would be seen as a peace offering. Going by the look of disdain on Admiral Schnabelpouch and the disappointment in Countess Lizzy van Lurch, she realized her folly. 

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