Short Story Series (BD #5): Voices In The Ark

This is where photography and creative writing have found a common platform. What began as an experimental platform of combining the photographs of Bernd Drawe and my fiction has evolved into a series of interwoven stories that were published online on photography platforms. The positive response to the series encouraged us to take it to another level and after several months, a book was born. The complete set of INTERWOVEN is only found in the book! All of Bernd Drawe’s photographs can be found on Lichtblau Fotografie

General Cavallo ©Bernd Drawe

There were days when General Cavallo hated his job as head of the Imperial Guards. Standing still and at attention at all times was not his ideal of the perfect military duty. He yearned for the days he was on battlefield fulfilling his royal duty defending the arc. Promotion, he soon found out, had its disadvantages as well. When Empress Federosa sent for him that fateful day, he thought it would be to map out another glorious war that required strategic thinking and meticulous planning. There had been no indications whatsoever that he would end up babysitting a stubborn female who had a penchant for disregarding protocol as well as diplomacy. He had to admit though, that where she lacked in tactfulness, she excelled in courage and grace, and her ability to stand there so dignified amidst the reproachful looks of the entire Synod was admirable. The General knew, however, that he would not be escorting her back to the Royal Palace today… 

Exodus ©Bernd Drawe

The Exodus Tunnel was the ultimate walk of shame. The entire Arc Council had lined up at the entrance to ensure the disgraced ruler was departing on time and for good. The Imperial High Court has passed the highest sentence possible, and that was exile to the Fourth Dimension. In addition to perpetual exile, this also meant she would not be allowed any form of communication with The Arc anymore. The few brave souls who would be assigned to visit her every five years would bring her news and supplies, but other than that, this was the last time she would ever set foot in this dimension and on the Arc. It was General Cavallo’s responsibility to escort her all the way through the Tunnel and he was not sure himself what to do once he arrived at the departure gate. The Empress was only the second ruler in 2000 years to ever be exiled to the Fourth Dimension, so the guidelines were a bit outdated. He could hear the drumming of his own heart in anticipation of what lay ahead. Glancing briefly to his left, he marveled at her serenity. He would have tried to bolt free a long time ago. 

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