Short Story Series (BD #6): Voices In The Ark

This is where photography and creative writing have found a common platform. What began as an experimental platform of combining the photographs of Bernd Drawe and my fiction has evolved into a series of interwoven stories that were published online on photography platforms. The positive response to the series encouraged us to take it to another level and after several months, a book was born. The complete set of INTERWOVEN is only found in the book! All of Bernd Drawe’s photographs can be found on Lichtblau Fotografie

Starman ©Bernd Drawe

The General’s curiosity was satisfied upon reaching the end of the tunnel. He had only heard stories of this legendary Starman Staircase. Very few could confirm the actual existence thereof, claiming that it had been part of a fairy tale passed on from generation to generation. Now he knew why nobody had seen it. The only reason anyone walked into the Exodus Tunnel was because they were being sent to the gallows or exile, so given those circumstances, nobody ever returned to tell the tales. There was perhaps one other who was aware of the secrets of the empire, since he was only one assigned to opening the portals. 

Admiral Schnabelpouch ©Bernd Drawe

Standing at the foot of the Launch Pad, both The General and The Empress looked up in awe, struck by the size and architecture alike. This was nothing like either of them had ever seen before. Still dazed by the surroundings, they were both startled to hear the familiar but firm voice of Admiral Schnabelpouch as he looked down from the command center and issued the final instructions. She was to step into the basket elevator, lock the gate behind her, and not look back. Empress Federosa turned to face General Cavallo, looked him straight in the eyes, and said softly “It has been an honor to have been in your company all these years. I know what you sacrificed to be in my service and I know I am not the easiest one to be around, but your valor and honor are precisely why I chose you. Thank you. Be well and live a glorious life.”With that, she stepped into the elevator, flexing her long neck to fit in properly, and closed her eyes as the sound of the electronic lock activated the controls and all her fears. 

The voices of the Royal Arc Synod grew louder by the minute as the discussions heated up. The majority of the Fauna Parliament objected violently to the human intervention in their environment and the construction of cement blocks with barbed wire to restrict everyone’s movements in every possible manner. The Liberal Feathered faction was ready to fly away from the negotiations because the so-called new quarters were not high enough for them to fly around with full speed. The Democratic Feline Party was livid as well because there was absolutely no provision for even a track where any of them could run like were accustomed to doing so. The Cheetahgargh and Leopardhaussen Tribal leaders expressed concern about future generations degenerating into the lowly house cats because they would no longer be able to practice their high-speed athletics. For once, even the right-winged White Shark Supremacy conceded and agreed with the majority, speaking on behalf of all the Open Seas Aquatic residents. Glass containers that were glorified fishbowls were unacceptable even to the humble Koi who normally did not object to anything. 

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