The Past Is The Best Archive

For someone who dislikes social media as much as I do, marketing demands have catapulted me into this bizarre world that I am trying very hard to master. Unfortunately there is no way around it in the current world and if you want to build up a network of sorts to project an image, social media is the way to go. I still think it is full of hypocrisy that I could very much do without, but if I want to reach out to the book marketing organisations and pages and get the word out there, the hours have to be invested. Kicking and screaming, but I am now well invested, immersed, captured, imprisoned, or exposed in the blasted world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The power of Twitter, as written before, is a revelation. I am still not convinced of the real conversion effects of FB and Instagram, but when applying to certain writers and photography groups, they all require social media presence and links. It has become a sink or swim world for writers and photographers. Either you get on board and showcase your work one way or another, or you get completely left behind.

From a photographer’s perspective, it is essential to keep your archives in order and have a current overview of what you have where. Housekeeping is the name of the game, and this is something I do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis in a disciplined manner otherwise I have no clue what I shot when or where I filed which version of it. These archives are the source of many treasures and you can never predict what you are going to need when. I just spent several hours revamping my photography page on FB and realised that I think very differently now from the way I did five years ago. I had a devil of a time locating some of the photographs I wanted to upload because I looked for them with today’s mind-frame and not with the one I filed it. Go figure. Naturally, I took a critical look at everything and decided that some of the older images could use a little polishing up here and there. The image below was one of my victims of re-processing today.

Baby I’ve Got the Blues (revisited) ©FrogDiva Photography

In the same manner, each experience in your own life becomes the best library of emotions as a writer. There are certain feelings I could not describe accurately five or ten years ago simply because I did not have the personal experience to go along with it. If there is one thing I stick to when writing is to draw from something in my past. The element of authenticity channeled through a character is so much more powerful when you are writing as if you were reliving your own emotions. It is not easy, and in some cases it was as though I was re-living the trauma all over again. Mind, you, the opposite is true as well, for joy, serenity, conflict, and one thing that is common among all my characters, the impulsive sense of adventure!

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