Thank You For Your Time!

This goes out to everyone who tuned in to The Authors Show yesterday to listen to the interview podcast. I appreciate all the messages, notes, calls and comments from the bottom of my heart. Support and appreciation are essential for every author, but particularly for emerging authors in an age when every Tom, Dick and Harry can churn out an e-book at no cost and regardless of quality.

For us old-fashioned novelists who sometimes take years between books because of the timelines, budget constraints, but most importantly, the extensive research involved, a book is more than a compilation of words and pages. It is a chapter of a lifetime, a journal of hours, days, months of desperation, frustration, writers block, tears, agony, amnesia, but also exhilaration, thrill, excitement all rolled into one. Sure, every author dreams of making it big, landing on the bestseller list, but unless you have a brilliant and ruthless agent backing you up, the greatest compensation is for someone to buy the book and have good reviews.

If you are on Twitter, you will have been flooded by the tweets the past week leading up to the podcast, in addition to the pesky posts on Facebook and LinkedIn not just from my page but all the promotions involved. The power of social media is here to stay until someone can come up with something different. It had my head spinning yesterday when the stats came in, how many tweets were sent out (over 500k!) – I can only hope and dream that a fraction of this translates into sales!

You can still catch the podcast on this site in case you missed it yesterday. Just navigate back to the homepage and click on the Interview menu.

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