Marie Balustrade’s novels deal with controversial social issues that span the globe. The stories are not meant for the reader to swoon over and fall in love momentarily for a shallow romance. The books aim to involve the audience with tears, anger, disgust, and after turning the last page, become more vigilant. 

Journalist Alexander Adler returns to India to research a story on child prostitution and trafficking, only to end up embroiled in a situation far deeper than he ever imagined. Alex and his companions Julian Lopez and Matthew Cornwall weave their way through the darker corners of society and are entangled in a rescue mission that comes at a high price.

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by Marie Balustrade (Text) and Bernd P. Drawe (Photography)

What began as an experimental collaboration between Bernd Drawe and Marie Balustrade of interweaving photography and fiction for a single story grew into a full-blown series published in blogs and photography communities. The photographs were not shot for the story, but the other way around: each story was woven specifically around the set of photographs. As the series evolved, the recurring characters led to the stories being interwoven with one another and the photographs told a completely different story from their original purpose as stand-alone images.  

INTERWOVEN is a collection of short stories that explore the existentialism of the person and the world they live in, be it a troubled childhood, life in the underworld, an international agent in pursuit of an elusive criminal, or a criminal who is a master of disguises. The journey transcends cultures, borders and generations, taking the reader through a gamut of emotions and keeping the reader guessing until the very end. 

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