On becoming an interesting person

I am going through my Elizabeth Gilbert phase at the moment, devouring her books and stories with great pleasure. For the past two months I revisited every possible Isabel Allende book (in Spanish) that I could get my hands on, in whatever medium. Then I switched over to Elizabeth Gilbert, whose personal style of writing... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem

My parents sent me to dance classes and painting lessons at a very early age. I was one of the few children who didn't grumble about these after-school activities, simply because it was better than being sent to arts and crafts or sewing school. I never understood, however, why the teachers always said that to... Continue Reading →

First Author Interview!

I woke up this morning to find the notification that my first author interview has been published on Literary Titan! Click HERE to visit the site. Wings at Dawn follows a journalist on a fact-finding mission about child pornography and human trafficking in India. Why did you choose this topic for your novel? I was a... Continue Reading →


July has always been a good month for me, and so far the first week has proven itself true. I am thrilled to share the latest review of Wings at Dawn, this time from Literary Titan

Going against the grain

©FrogDiva Photography I once had a writing mentor who insisted on specialising and niches. If you are a poet, stick to poetry she said. If you want to be a journalist, ditch fiction, and so on. Obedient student that I was in my youth, I followed instructions. My chosen path was journalism, beginning with news... Continue Reading →

What pushes you to keep writing?

Keep pushing ©FrogDiva Photography Every writer has his or her own special quirk or technique. Hemingway and Shakespeare needed copious amounts of fermented grape juice to get them going. Others needed a special city to inspire them, others a particular time of day. The list is endless, but what all the successful writers have in... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up the day job…

Don't give up the day job ©FrogDiva Photography That is one of the first rules when choosing to become a serious writer. How many millions of books were conceived and born in-between exam papers, mid-term projects, balance sheets, depositions, construction sites, or even intercontinental flights? Whatever the circumstances and reasons for embarking on a journey... Continue Reading →

Becoming No One

©FrogDiva Photography It has been almost a month since the Game of Thrones series ended. If you were a true fan, and did things the right way, you read the books as well. Failure to do so would be disrespectful to George R. R. Martin and his brilliance. Admittedly, it is no easy (or cheap)... Continue Reading →

Would I write in another language?

©FrogDiva Photography That is a question I have been asking myself for years now. English is and always be my mother tongue, and I command it like no other of the languages that I speak. German, for example, is something I speak on a eat, sleep and breathe on a daily basis, admire greatly, but... Continue Reading →

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