Facing Demons

Christmas season is hectic, and each year I promise myself that I will not be dragged into the rush and commercialism. So far I have managed to trim down and cut a lot of corners, but have nevertheless ended up on the receiving end of other people's hectic schedules. This is not always a bad... Continue Reading →

Missing my co-writer

As many of you know, my dearest feline companion Champagne crossed the rainbow bridge last November. She has left a huge vacuum in my life both as my constant shadow and co-writer. She sat patiently with me through the long nights while I wrote or researched, regardless of whether it was a book, blog, translation,... Continue Reading →

Magical Mornings

River silence ¬©FrogDiva Photography With the current heatwave cutting across Europe, sleeping in the usual place becomes a challenge. I follow the example of my cats and seek out the coolest and most comfortable place to sleep (and rest), in the hope that my body will follow the suggestion. The conservatory has become my preferred... Continue Reading →

I Refuse!

Here's the deal: much as I enjoy living in Germany and have settled into my new life here, albeit endless upheavals and adjustments, I draw the line to certain things that are part and parcel of German life and culture. I am a Frog who can adapt to any country and situation, and have happily... Continue Reading →

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