Choosing Sensual over Sexual

I have two images for you to ponder upon when playing with words: The challenge here is to tickle the audience's imagination with sensuality, not overt sexuality, which is overdone, overused, and often time done in such a crass and vulgar manner. The image on the left is my interpretation of the intermingling of hardness,... Continue Reading →

Going against the grain

©FrogDiva Photography I once had a writing mentor who insisted on specialising and niches. If you are a poet, stick to poetry she said. If you want to be a journalist, ditch fiction, and so on. Obedient student that I was in my youth, I followed instructions. My chosen path was journalism, beginning with news... Continue Reading →

Would I write in another language?

©FrogDiva Photography That is a question I have been asking myself for years now. English is and always be my mother tongue, and I command it like no other of the languages that I speak. German, for example, is something I speak on a eat, sleep and breathe on a daily basis, admire greatly, but... Continue Reading →

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