The Parable of the Pencil*

Here is a golden nugget from my archives that I unearthed last night in a fit of insomnia. This is dedicated to all those struggling with their craft and searching for purpose, regardless of whether you are a writer, photographer, artist, dancer. May you find the courage, meaning and direction. The pencil maker took the... Continue Reading →

The Fear of a Blank Page

It’s been a while since I last sat down to write. Life and my ever tumultuous soul keep getting in the way and I’ve been struggling. This time last week I was absolutely sure that I was not going to decorate for Christmas. I just couldn’t bring myself to decorate the apartment just for the... Continue Reading →

On The Verge Of A Dream

When re-structuring your life, there comes an unavoidable point when you have to decide whether or not to carry certain elements from the past into the present and future. Obviously, what is over and done with, closed and broken remains in the past, and one just has to come to terms with it. Then there... Continue Reading →

I Refuse!

Here's the deal: much as I enjoy living in Germany and have settled into my new life here, albeit endless upheavals and adjustments, I draw the line to certain things that are part and parcel of German life and culture. I am a Frog who can adapt to any country and situation, and have happily... Continue Reading →

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