Modern Time-Wasters

When I was growing up, and I'm sure I speak for my entire generation and those before me, when I complained about being bored or not being in the mood to do my homework, my parents would send me off to read a book (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Charles Dickens, Trixie Belden, all the Enid... Continue Reading →

Glamping #3: The Writing Corner

While growing up, my room was my sanctuary. As an only child, my room was where I could indulge in games, write, read, listen to music on the radio a little louder than what was tolerated by my parents beyond my doors. There was a time when my walls were giant collages, cut-outs from magazines... Continue Reading →

Aging with Modern Lingo*

Much as I like to be considered a modern, open-minded and adventurous woman, there are time when my age begins to show and I have difficulty keeping up with my daughter or younger colleagues who are much more tech-savvy. One such area is the lingo that the fb-tumbler-twitter-snapchat-instagram-generation flings around. There was a time (i.e.... Continue Reading →

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