Writer Marie Balustrade, also known by the handle FrogDiva Photography, is a native of the Philippines who grew up and lived in various countries before permanently settling in Germany, resulting in photography and writing becoming integral pillars of her soul. The urge to write about what she photographs or match a photograph to her writings are processes that are never far from one another.

Marie Balustrade’s novels belong to a niche referred to as literary activism, dealing with controversial social issues that span the globe, and championing child trafficking efforts and LGBTQ rights. The books aim to involve the audience with tears, anger, disgust, and after turning the last page, become more vigilant. A political scientist by training, development worker by fate, translator by circumstance, writer by passion and photographer by soul, Marie Balustrade has witnessed the darker side of social conditions that drive people into doing the unimaginable, demanding of them the greatest of courage and resilience. The myriad of personal experiences became the foundation of the books and short stories, with emotions and commentaries channelled through the characters. Her debut novel, Wings At Dawn, draws attention to the plight of victims of child trafficking.

Translating the ugly reality of the research into a palatable work of fiction is a monumental task that sometimes takes years. Knowing the country and the culture where the book is set is the greatest advantage as an author. Substance is as important as quality, otherwise a great injustice is done to the cause.

Igreja Nova, Portugal 2022

Wings at Dawn
Dorrance Publishing Company Inc.
Released February 2019

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