Defining Myself As Author

Please watch the video first before reading on

Staking a claim in the world of literature or photography and setting yourself above the rest is a steep climb with many a stumbling block and it is incredibly easy to give up. Somewhere along the way, between trying to find an audience, a publisher, build up a network, or even find supporters, let along financial backing, you lose sight of who you really are as a person and what your true essence is as a writer.

Defining your authentic self is something you cannot find in any self-improvement book, seminar, webinar, workshop, or a plethora of degrees. Nobody else can define me, nor will I ever allow anyone to – ever again. It boils down to I choose to face society, live up to my personal values that have been carved out of what was handed down by family and faith, and how I finally shed the shackles of self-deprecation and deep-rooted insecurities.

What have the past five years in the industry taught me thus far? A lot – not just about getting my work published, promoted, sold, and respected, on top of the impossible task of landing an agent, but mostly about myself.

It took me almost five years, but I eventually defined myself as

  • an author who chooses to be an activist of controversial social issues, bringing to light the ugly realities and perversions of humanity through a carefully woven fictional tale;
  • a catalyst of social awareness, breaking down barriers of ignorance;
  • a fearless writer who uses failure, setback and rejection as learning moments and stepping stones to move on the next level;
  • an identity forged out of love, loss, faith, and cultural roots
  • a woman who chooses to make a difference.

As Michelle Obama puts it: Success isn´t about how much money you make, it´s about the difference you make in people´s lives.

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