Long-term goal: digital nomad

Let’s face it, unless you have broken into the mass market and are selling books by the thousands, every writer has to keep a day job. This is the tragic reality that I face, with stacks of bills staring back at me from my desk. There is nothing I desire more than to simply have all the time in the world to write, write, and write.

Once upon a time the goal was to graduate from college, get a steady job, get married, raise a family.
Then becoming a mother was not enough, I wanted to be a working mom but with flexible hours. Employers hate this, so the best option was to become a consultant on call.
Financially this was viable because it wasn’t a matter of economic life and death, as I was not the primary breadwinner in the family. As trends go, consultants got a bad rap towards the mid-90s and it became trendier to be a freelancer. OK, this was acceptable, why not? By this time, I had already expanded my horizons and launched my photography platform as well, with the same uncertainty of where the path would lead.

A nomads bridge ©FrogDiva Photography

Considering the amount of times I had to relocate around the globe (17 at the last count), freelancing was really the only option for me, particularly in the translation fields, which is how I ended up in literary translation. After a few years of this, a client pointed out that the quality of my work was so good that I might as well write my own books. By this time I was well into blogging and was having a ball writing short stories in collaboration with photographers, as well as a few other writing projects along the way. So I took the advice seriously and embraced my inner author.

As I developed and fell in love with my characters, it became crystal clear that all I ever want to do from here on is to write the whole day from whatever quaint little nook around the world, or maybe even just become a hermit and shut myself at home and create magical worlds for others to enjoy. How to make this viable and sustainable? Ah, this is where I befriended the concept of becoming a digital nomad. Taking a good hard look at my life, now that I have to fend for myself 100%, I understood that I have been a nomad all my life and the manner in which I conduct most business these days is digital. The trick, however, is to become financially independent and that the business reaches a level where a bohemian lifestyle can be maintained without worrying where the next months rent is going to come from.

What was once a dream is slowly taking tangible form and I absolutely love it. There is still a long way to go, but I will say this: knowing who I am, what I want, and where I want to be is a huge step forward, perhaps the greater battle ever won thus far. The rest becomes organisational, and believe me when I tell you that luck has nothing to do with it.

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