The Wonderful Realm In-between Worlds

Fiction or Reality? As a writer, one has one foot in each realm and it is truly a magical place. Some will refer to it as escapism, others will judge it as an inability to cope with the facts of the present. Here’s the thing, without such minds that dwell in both worlds, we would have no literature, no magical world to step into through the portals of a book. What would life be like then?

Bridging worlds ©FrogDiva Photography

There is a very good reason I chose to share this particular photograph today. It was shot in Bad Buchau, Germany, in the Federsee (literally means feather lake) and processed it in exaggerated colours on purpose. My goal was to create a bit of playful fantasy into the image, highlighting the passage over the bridge. Here’s the thing about being a photographer or a fiction writer, you have the power to re-create reality at your own will, create a new dimension where you are the master, and yet, never letting go of reality per se, (unless of course you are a sci-fi or fantasy writer and create entire new worlds and creatures).

Writing fiction is a passion of mine, and when my time comes to die, I would like to do so writing another book at my desk, engrossed in my own fictional reality, looking out over some spectacular seascape. What drives me to continue writing? The freedom and ability to create scenarios that took their first tentative steps in my mind, and then unfolded into dramas full of suspense, mystery, and a twist of the bizarre, but never letting go of the true and deplorable social condition that many have fallen victim to.

Empty pages (screen) are always an open challenge to me, an opportunity to take randomly floating words under my wing and fly with them. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well, and herein lies the ultimate task – to transport the reader into a phenomenal realm where the reader loses track of time, can no longer tell the difference between fiction and reality, but knows that he / she is in both worlds due to some existential magic. It is pure intellectual seduction, convincing the reader that the world you offer on those pages is the one true reality. This applies to photography and fiction writing alike, and if you combine them, the artistic result is explosive for the senses.

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